Geo Focus finished project at the Gemini Offshore Windpark

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On Friday 24th of July our Geo Focus finished successfully her long term project on the Gemini Offshore Windpark.


Oldest office building in the Netherlands?

Geo Plus is situated in what is probably the oldest office building in the Netherlands: the Weem of Eexta. This is an old rectory in the current village of Scheemda. The rectory was built between 1252 and 1264 and has had several rebuildings and renovations. Still, large parts of the building are exactly as they were built in the 13th century, for instance the old oak hood of the rectory.

Weem in Eexta

The rectory is surrounded by a characteristic canal and a garden with old fruit trees. It used to be situated next to a 13th century church, which has been demolished in 1870.

In 2003 we have asked an historian to do research about this extraordinary building. His report revealed a fascinating history of the building. Click here to see the report.

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