Geo Focus finished project at the Gemini Offshore Windpark

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On Friday 24th of July our Geo Focus finished successfully her long term project on the Gemini Offshore Windpark.


New and Advanced Survey Vessel launched – Geo Ranger

On July 1st 2020 we launched a new shallow-water survey/ROV support vessel called Geo Ranger. It has been developed with the crew and the survey equipment in mind. It is equipped with smart on-board technology, comprising various different sensors and a plug-and-play system for additional, project-specific customer equipment. With its focus on improved workability, durability and flexibility, the Geo Ranger may well set a new standard for survey vessels.

The Geo Ranger is designed of working in a significant wave height up to 2 - 2.5m. While taking on such waves broadside, the 41m-long survey vessel with a maximum draught of 2.4m has been designed to have a maximum roll of 3° for 90% of the time. Thanks to its strong Dynamic Positioning (DP1) system, the vessel can also keep the bow into the waves under strong wind and current conditions, which further minimizes crew downtime. Additionally, the vessel is designed with quiet quarters to create a pleasant environment to help the crew work more efficiently and accurately.

Why the Geo Ranger is the best survey vessel in its class

Claiming that we have made the best survey vessel in its class is quite a statement. On this page you can find everything about why we believe the Geo Ranger fulfills this statement.  

Building a dedicated survey vessel starts at the first sketches. Standards for a survey vessel get higher every year and project timeframes get shorter. This means to us that the best survey vessel must reach the highest performance and flexibility as possible. To achieve this we have made decisions on three important points

Geo Ranger - Advanced Survey Vessel Geo Plus

How the vessel is steady at 2,5 meter wave height

As said, the best survey vessel must have an extreme strong workability and seakeeping.  By building this vessel dedicated for survey activities, we had the ability to design it with reaching the highest operational excellence in mind. For example; at a significant wave height of 2,5 meters at 90 degrees on the Geo Ranger, in only 10% of the cases the vessel will have a roll above 3 degrees.

How did we achieve this?

Plug & Go solutions

Using the Geo Ranger like it’s your own vessel is one of the best benefits of the plug & go solutions the vessel provides. We have implemented many solutions to provide a fast and hassle-free mobilization. You have the possibility of using our survey equipment, your own, or the best of both. To provide the fastest mobilization on the Geo Ranger possible we have implemented:

Read all specifications for Geo Ranger

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