Geo Focus finished project at the Gemini Offshore Windpark

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On Friday 24th of July our Geo Focus finished successfully her long term project on the Gemini Offshore Windpark.


Geo Solution

The Geo Solution is comparable with the Geo Explorer; in fact the Geo Explorer is the 'older brother'.
The vessel is fitted with four lifting eyes and can be lifted on board of a barge e.g. for transport to a project site area. There is also cradle with container lock available.

This ship has a capacity of 12 passengers seats, two single cabins and can reach a speed of max. 17 knots.

Specifications Geo Solution 


Geo Solution survey vessel

For an impression of the multifunctionality of our survey vessels, please click here.


Interested in using the Geo Solution? Please select the preferred dates and location and we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if the preferred dates are available.

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