Geo Focus finished project at the Gemini Offshore Windpark

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On Friday 24th of July our Geo Focus finished successfully her long term project on the Gemini Offshore Windpark.


Magnetometer, to detect wrecks, anchors, pipelines and ammunition

In general, a magnetometer is used to detect variations the Earth magnetic field. Usually, the increased magnetization is caused by the presence of ferrous (unoxidized iron) on or under the seafloor.
Although the available magnetometers vary in design, the main functionality remains the same:
The Earth magnetic field in a localized, this assumed homgenous area is measured and any variation recorded. By measuring not only absolute values but also changes in field strength and rate of such changes and applying a complex mathematical model to this data, one can calculate horizontal and vertical position of detected anomalies as well as size of the assumed objects.

Magnetometer in hydrography

Geo Plus uses this device in hydrographic surveys to detect wrecks, anchors, pipelines and ammunition (the latter, so called UXO surveys) in shallow and deep water all around the world.
The magnetometer is just one of the hydrographic techniques, which we use to survey the seabed. Other techniques/equipment could be side scan sonar, multibeam and subbottom profiler.

To get the best advice in using our techniques to detect the seabed please contact us.



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